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We have travelled near and far, making our way through various kitchens, markets, cafes and street vendors in search of authentic regional flavours.

Through our unique range of spices and blends we have recreated these flavours to make it easy and affordable for you to transform everyday meals into delicious dishes you’d find in a diverse range of destinations.  

All you need is a little PINCH and you’ll be tableside in Alaska, Margaret River or Zimbabwe. 

So, where in the world do you want to eat today? 

If you prefer to stay local, don’t fret we have you covered.  Just add PINCH to any dish to spice up your next meal.

Our products are all natural, no additives or preservatives and well suited to most diets.  All Spice Blends, Rubs, Salt & Peppers, Sugars are GLUTEN FREE.  

PINCH - Spice up your life